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Code of conduct


Gestamp has a Code of Conduct that includes its Vision, Corporate Principles and Rules of Conduct. It is conceived as the foundation of our commitment to integrity and it serves as a reference for anyone with doubts about what they might be expected to do in a given situation. It affects all of the Group's employees and it is everyone's responsibility to know and comply with it.

In order to handle communications relating to the Code of Conduct, whether they are suggestions, inquiries, concerns or breaches, Gestamp has set up an internal channel, corporatecompliance@gestamp.com and the external SpeakUp Line, for use by employees and anyone associated in some way with the Group (employees, customers, suppliers, collaborators, partners, shareholders and investors and local communities, among others).

Gestamp guarantees the confidentiality of all communications and the people who behind them. In the sole case of notifications of breaches of conduct Gestamp will use the information to investigate the facts, but the anonymity of the correspondent will always be maintained.

SpeakUp Line

If there is reasonable evidence that an irregularity or an act that is illegal or against the Code of Conduct has been committed, you must inform your hierarchical superior or, if circumstances make this inadvisable, the Compliance Office, through the ESTABLISHED CHANNELS:

Internal Information System Policy

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Internal Information System Management Procedure

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