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Gestamp Technology Institute

Gestamp: continuous training


The GTI (Gestamp Technology Institute) is the Group's technological training and research center. This center focuses on innovation, technological specialization and the development of employees' professional and managerial skills.

GTI is open to all Gestamp´s professionals as R&D departments and is already an international center of excellence for highly specialized industrial learning and talent development in the automotive sector. It offers programs that are unique in the market and taught by leading experts from around the world (both internal and external) in the areas of innovation, systems, technologies, processes and products in our sector.


GTI strives to become the Group’s knowledge hub


A key tenet of GTI's philosophy is to share knowledge gained through experts' presentations and interactions in the use of technology so that the Group can apply it to the best of its ability and continue to cultivate a culture of collaboration between departments. The goal is to share knowledge and get the most out of the teams' training and experience.