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Young & early professionals

The future of Gestamp belongs to young people​


Gestamp believes in searching for young professionals eager to bring improvements, developing initiatives focused on progress of students and early professionals. Gestamp offers programs that prioritize the attraction of candidates with passion for the sector, restless, with global ambition, endowed with innovative ideas and with a clear focus on service excellence.

Scholarship and Trainee program

For those who are finishing off their education and want to start applying everything they have learned into practice, the scholarship program offers the opportunity to develop skills and competencies and gain work experience in various work teams.

The perfect opportunity for their first contact with the working world.

Dual Training/Internships

Starting a career is not always easy. That's why Gestamp helps dual training students gain a foothold in the job market by giving them the opportunity to complete an internship within the Group and work with the best teams. 

This program is aimed at young people who want to start their career and contribute to the success of a great company.

High potential development program

Finding tomorrow's leaders and nurturing their development is more important today than ever. That's why the company offers programs focused on future leaders in the automotive industry who can develop their full potential and have the opportunity to gain additional skills. 

Gestamp fosters the leadership skills of younger generations.