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Sustainability at Gestamp


Sustainability at Gestamp

In Gestamp, we understand the Sustainability in its broadest sense. We believe in a long-term project, based on honesty, effort and the development of relationships of trust and respect in the different environments in which we operate.

Sustainability at Gestamp means sustainable growth over time, and as such it is one of our business principles. We believe that to achieve it, we need to be aware of our surroundings and respond to the expectations that society and the people close by have of us. For this reason, we pursue economic, environmental and social objectives equally.

We work every day to make the company sustainable by seeking to be economically profitable, minimizing our environmental impact and getting involved in the community.

On these premises, we have developed our Sustainability Policy that is aligned with our Strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

At Gestamp we work for sustainability at three levels:

Within the organization

Promoting sustainability in different areas of the Group.

Value Chain of the Automotive Sector

Aligning ourselves with the policies and strategies of our clients in terms of sustainability and requiring our suppliers the same level of commitment.


Engaging with the community through active participation in forums and organizations, as well as promoting actions for the economic and social development of the community.

Sustainability Policy

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