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Why Gestamp

Why Gestamp

Gestamp is a technologically diverse company that operates in over 20 countries, and with a team of more than 40,000 people of 90 nationalities. We are the most recognized automotive supplier in the world, producing for more than 900 models of the main vehicle manufacturers — an achievement only possible thanks to the efforts of our employees, who are the driving force behind the company. 

This company is made up of creative and driven people who are always kept at the centre, as the cornerstone and foundation of the company's success.

Gestamp understands that people within the company have different goals, and is willing to help achieve them, offering mobility, training, and development within a safe and diverse work environment.

To be part of this outstanding group, apply to one of our job openings in the Join our team section.



Meet our team

Gestamp has a dedicated and innovative talent that works every day to find the best solutions for the company, its customers and society. The company strives to attract, retain and promote the best talent by fostering a work environment based on equal opportunities, diversity in all its forms and passion, and by promoting an approach to work that facilitates work-life balance.

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