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Suppliers Portal

Gestamp works with an online Supplier Portal to manage all supplier related matters regarding negotiations and supplier quality.

The main aim of the portal is to serve as a single access point for the supplier where he will not only receive relevant information regarding current events and updates but also use the platform to respond and maintain an active communication between the supplier and Gestamp.

The Supplier Portal serves also as an archive for the supplier where he can access older quotes at all times.

We also want our suppliers to be able to manage their own company data through the Portal and be able to apply changes when needed. Especially in large corporations the supplier might want to provide several contacts which he can also self-manage on the Portal.


It is important to understand that only registered and authorized suppliers will be able to be awarded a new project, contract or a one-time purchase. Gestamp buyers will post negotiation processes on the Supplier Portal with all relevant specifications. Only selected suppliers will be able to see the negotiations they have been invited to. These processes will be active on the Portal as long as the buyer decides to engage in negotiations. After a certain time the process is closed and the supplier cannot submit any new offers or modify already submitted ones.

Quality Suppliers

Suppliers considered as strategic will have to provide additional information regarding quality, environmental and social compliance to assure that Gestamp´s high quality standards apply through all our supply chain creating value for all three parties involved, suppliers, Gestamp and our clients. The requested information will be specified on the Supplier Portal where the supplier will provide all relevant information.

There are recurrent activities that are frequently monitored by our Supplier Quality Department. The Supplier Portal is also the communication tool to manage activities during series production (homologation, claims, improvement actions…).


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