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Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Policy sets outs general guidelines to be applied to the management of our procurement processes, which range from the negotiation phase up to the final awarding and contracting of services and products. In accordance with Gestamp´s Code of Conduct and Corporate Principles, the following statements apply:

  • Client as the centre of business: Each procurement contract will have as its ultimate goal, the achievement of a productive and efficient supply chain.
  • Innovation as a means of progress: The value of each project award will be assessed based on innovation and development, ensuring the best quality product is offered.
  • Operating excellence as a regular practice: Suppliers selection will be undertaken in line with the principles of fair competition; objectivity; and professionalism. Contract awards will be based on need; suitability; and quality.
  • People as architects of success: Our professionals will ensure traceability throughout the purchasing process, and are committed to ensuring all requirements are met.
  • Sustainability to ensure permanence in time: Our suppliers must comply with requirements related to Business Ethics, Environment, Health & Safety as well as Human Rights.


Our buyers, located directly at production sites, divisional or corporate offices, not only ensure that Gestamp´s principles are fulfilled but also that Gestamp and its suppliers comply with legal, quality and sustainability requirements.

Our purchases are divided into five different commodities based on the nature and destination of the products and services. These are the following:

  • General Purchase
  • Productive Machinery and Industrial Supplies
  • Tooling and Dies
  • Productive Components
  • Raw Material

The Supplier Portal guarantees the effective application of the Purchasing Policy at all levels and provides traceability and transparency to all negotiations.