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Gestamp & Formula Student

What is a Formula Student?

For many engineers and automotive enthusiasts, it's a dream come true

Formula Student is an international engineering competition where college students design, build and race a single-seat race-car for competitions in different countries, sponsored by potential hiring companies. It is an educational project that allows students to put into practice everything they have learned at college by participating in a real work experience in the automotive industry.

Gestamp is an official sponsor of the Formula Student Spain competition, organized by the Sociedad de Técnicos de Automoción (STA) since 2010, and has also been a collaborating company in Formula Student projects for teams from different colleges since 2018.

All these young people who have shared their enthusiasm, commitment and talent with the multinational company are what Gestamp calls the #FormulaStudentGestamp team


Experience the race with Gestamp

Gestamp helps Formula Student participants have a unique experience while supporting the future of the industry and its young people. The company's talent and innovations are the vectors for cutting-edge manufacturing, and for sustainable and safe mobility.

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