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Gestamp surpasses revenues of €7.5 billion

Resultados de Gestamp 2016.
Resultados de Gestamp 2016.


Gestamp, the Spanish multinational company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of automotive components recorded revenues of €7.549bn in 2016, a 7.3% increase over the previous year, above the average growth of the sector in the same period. Without foreign exchange impact this increase would have been 12.3%. The Company recorded a profitable growth with EBITDA of €841m and EBIT of €463m, both increasing at double-digits over the previous year. Gestamp increased its net profit by 37.1% during 2016 to €221m, which underlines the important managerial improvements made during the year. Gestamp has maintained a solid financial position with net debt of €1.633bn at the end of 2016 which is reflected in a net debt leverage ratio (net debt/EBITDA) of 1.94x, lower than the 1.96x recorded in 2015. The Company’s workforce at the global level has continued to grow to 36,395 employees. This represents a growth rate of 9.6% when compared to 2015 and 43% accumulated over the last five years. [img]https://www.gestamp.com/Images/News/2016-Gestamp-results-table-en.aspx[/img] [b]Growth in North America and Asia[/b] In North America, turnover increased by 16.8% amounting to €1.546bn. This rise has been driven by the United States. In South America, turnover fell by 14% to €401m, due to a severe drop in activity in the local market and adverse exchange rate fluctuations in both Brazil and Argentina. Asia grew at a pace of 6.3%, reaching a turnover of €1.038bn. China and South Korea contributed towards that growth due to plant ramp-ups and an increase in production volumes. Gestamp’s president and CEO, Francisco J. Riberas, remarked that "during 2016, the Company has continued on its path of profitable growth thanks to a long-term strategy focused on the excellence of its operations." In addition, Riberas said that "Gestamp's revenue growth above that of the sector is a trend already seen in past years and it is consolidated thanks to Gestamp's proven ability to grow globally together with our customers through a firm commitment to innovation and technology." [b]10 plants under construction[/b] Gestamp’s president underlined "the exciting ongoing projects that the Company is undertaking, with 10 plants under construction in different continents." "In line with previous years, we have continued to accompany our customers with investments worth €725m," Riberas added. Among the most recent corporate milestones, it is worth noting the announcement of the entry in Japan (Matsusaka) with its first plant, as well as the construction of a plant in Slovakia (Nitra), which will manufacture aluminum parts. In addition, Gestamp has launched its first hot stamping plant in India (Pune) and has acquired a plant in Romania (Pitești). Therefore, its geographical footprint already reaches 21 countries with an industrial presence. Gestamp currently has 10 plants under construction in Japan, the United States, Mexico, China, Brazil, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. Looking ahead, the Company benefits from high revenue visibility due to the nature of its business, its long-term strategic relationships with customers and its disciplined capital spending program. [b]Innovation focused on co-development with customers[/b] Gestamp’s innovation is focused on co-development with its customers, a trend that is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, as well as on the application of advanced manufacturing processes and combining diverse materials. Gestamp seeks to produce lighter and, at the same time, safer components. The Company is aware that the weight has a direct impact on the energy consumption of vehicles and therefore on CO2 emissions, one of the main priorities of manufacturers and society in general. With more than 1,300 employees dedicated to innovation and 12 R&D centers, Gestamp plans to open an additional center in China, where research on the bodies and chassis of the vehicles of the future will be carried out.