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113 students have completed the four editions of Gestamp’s Industrial Project Management Master’s Pr

113 students have completed the Gestamp's Master's Program.
113 students have completed the Gestamp's Master's Program.


Since 2012, a total of 113 students have passed through the classrooms of the Master’s Degree in International Industrial Project Management organized by Spanish structural components for automobiles company Gestamp and the ICADE Business School (Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE). A total of 27 students from seven countries completed the fourth course of the master’s degree, and an estimated 70% will be hired by Gestamp.

The 2015-2016 course came to an end on 15 July at an academic ceremony led by José María Pérez Garrido, director of the ICADE Business School. The event was attended by the Corporate Director of Training and Development Gestamp, Francisco Alvarez Herrera, director of the Department of Industrial Organization ICAI School of Engineering, Pedro Sanchez Martin, and program professor Alberto Sols Rodríguez-Candela.

Sánchez Martín underscored the importance of good management in industry 4.0, which “must intuit the needs of customers with the eyes of someone looking more for a travel companion than a mere opportunity to make money”. To that end, he emphasized the need to promote "a sustainable industry from three perspectives: economic, environmental and social".

Álvarez Herrera recalled the importance of dual training, because “the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge is the foundation for creating a pool of competitive professionals”. He added that “training and innovation are two sides of the same coin which represent the driving force of business”.

Pérez-Garrido closed the ceremony by praising the efforts of the graduates, and spoke to their commitment to the profession. “Be part of a new revolution in the automotive sector, be part of the future, but above all, make honesty, commitment and ethics the values that guide you”.

The Master's Degree, which aims to develop the figure of the International Project Leader and create a pool of skilled, competitive professionals, has a strong global component. The international distinctive is singular both because the classes are taught in English and the fact that eight students from Brazil, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom. United States, Pakistan and India participated in this year’s course.