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Gestamp turnover exceeds 7 billion euros in 2015

Gestamp turnover exceeds 7 billion euros in 2015.
Gestamp turnover exceeds 7 billion euros in 2015.


Gestamp crossed the 7 billion euro turnover mark in 2015, reaching the figure of 7.035 billion euros in the previous tax year. The Spanish multinational, dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal components and units for motor vehicles, has released its annual revenue, which reflects a 12.4% increase in sales with regards to the previous year.

 Meanwhile, EBITDA increased by 15.8% to 760 million euros.  The operating profit rose by 18.6% to 400 million euros while the net profit increased by 28.5%, reaching 161.5 million.

The growth recorded by Gestamp is much higher than that experienced by the sector, standing at 2.8% in the countries where the company operates, according to estimates by different consultancy firms. In this way, Gestamp continues along the road of profitable growth that has characterised the company in recent years and which has led it to double its turnover since 2010.

Personnel also continued to grow in 2015, reaching over 33,000 employees. Moreover, Gestamp has continued to diversify its production geographically so much so that, today, North America represents 19% of the Group's sales, and Asia totals 14%, compared to 14% and 8% in 2012, respectively. Therefore, North America is the third largest market for Gestamp, behind Germany and Spain.

During the 2015 financial year, investments to a value of 622.4 million euros were made in both production processes and technology regarding which Gestamp is considered a world leader, such as hot stamping, and in facility expansion processes or opening plants in the United States, Mexico, China, India, Spain and Poland.

The Chairman and CEO of Gestamp, Francisco J. Riberas, remarked: “We are still very much focused on operational excellence and on making our growth compatible with a moderate level of debt”. Riberas also explained that growth “will be accompanied by a very significant investment drive”.

With the spotlight on innovation

In terms of R&D, Gestamp's innovation focuses on co-development with its customers, an area that is expected to show a notable increase in the coming years, and also on using advanced manufacturing and various material bonding processes.

With over 1,300 employees working on innovation tasks and 12 R&D centres, Gestamp plans to open new facilities of this type in North America, China and Japan. The Group is well positioned in the market regarding 'multi-material' solutions to offer customers the best combinations of steel, aluminium and all types of fibre components.

 “Our technological leadership enables us to continue increasing our market share in markets where we still have a high potential for growth, such as North America, and it shall enable us to reach more manufacturers who play a very important role in the international market, such as the Japanese”, said Riberas.

Gestamp works with manufacturers to find solutions that result in lighter vehicles combined with improved safety in the event of collisions and does so in all of its product lines: bodywork, chassis and mechanisms.

The customers that Gestamp supplies its products to represent over 75% of the international automotive market. Thus, the 16 largest automotive groups in the world trust Gestamp to equip over 700 vehicle models with parts manufactured by the Spanish company.