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Closing of the Master in International Industrial Project Management by Gestamp and Comillas ICAI-IC

2nd year MIIPM students
2nd year MIIPM students


The event was led by the Corporate Director of Training and Development in Gestamp, Francisco Álvarez Herrera, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (ICADE), Alfredo Arahuetes, the Director of the School of Engineering (ICAI), Mariano Ventosa Rodríguez, and the Director of the ICADE Business School, Robert Robinson.

The Master in International Industrial Project Management (MIIPM) academic program aims to enforce the development of an international career in the field of industrial projects management. The course aims to develop the figure of  project managers in order to create a pool of skilled, competitive and capable professionals  in the complex global business  world," said Francisco Álvarez, Corporate Director of Training and Development in Gestamp.The course, managed jointly by Gestamp and the Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE, has last nine months, five of which have been devoted to lectures given at the ICADE Business School. The remaining four months have enabled master’s students to practice the acquired knowledge being involved in real projects carried out in nine of the 20 countries where Gestamp has it footprint.

" Master in International Industrial Project Management has been very motivating. With the learned knowledge and shared experience we have now, we face the future with hope. This master has made us proactive professionals and has also given us the opportunity to work in an atmosphere of effort and great values”, Pilar Miranda, student of the 2014 year, said.

"This program’s students are dynamic and open-minded, they have enthusiasm to learn and develop an international career", added Francisco Álvarez. The course is designed for recent graduates in Engineering, Business, and other university degrees related to project management. It has the clear mission to develop an international career in the management of business projects.

In Robert Robinson words the MIIPM is a "remarkable example of collaboration between business and university”. The Director of ICADE Business School said that “it is the responsibility of institutions to identify and develop talent in an increasingly globalized world”. ”The combination of skill, knowledge, motivation and capacity allow students of this master become the managers of the future in leading international companies such as Gestamp”, added.

Before of having passed the master is expected that more than 60 percent of the students become part of Gestamp staff, for the second consecutive year, in different international locations where the company operates.  

The third edition of the program is scheduled to start in October 2014, ending in June 2015. The classes in the University will be taught from October to February, and from March to June, will take place business trainee in Gestamp.