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Edscha to launch production at its plant in China

Edscha to launch production
Edscha to launch production


The Remscheid-based automotive supplier Edscha today celebrates the official opening of its new plant in Kunshan, China: Edscha Automotive Components Kunshan Co.,Ltd. Located about 60 km northwest of Shanghai, the plant will focus on the manufacture of hinge systems and door checks. In Kunshan Edscha has set up automatic assembly lines and a state-of-the-art stamping center based on the latest material handling technology. It is also planning an injection molding facility for plastic components and production lines for driver controls (pedal boxes and foot-operated parking brakes). “We currently have some 40 employees at our new plant in Kunshan,” says Edscha’s CEO, Torsten Greiner. “In the first development stage we will create 200 jobs at this location.” At present the plant covers an area of 10,700 square meters. Of this, 6,500 square meters is for production and 4,200 square meters for offices. Further expansion is planned. The first major production order for Kunshan comprises hood hinges for a large joint venture company. Edscha’s customers in China include Chinese manufacturers like Geely, Chery and Great Wall Motors, as well as joint ventures involving Volkswagen, GM, Ford, PSA, Daimler and Volvo. Edscha currently has a share of about ten percent in the Asian market for hinges. The new plant in Kunshan is expected to bring about a large increase. “We are looking forward to dynamic, profitable growth,” explains Torsten Greiner. “By manufacturing our stamped parts and plastic parts in Kunshan, we will significantly increase our competitiveness.” The company’s declared goal is to double its market share in Asia by 2017. In the last two years Edscha has invested heavily in Asia. In late 2011 it dedicated its new Shanghai development center, where some 30 engineers and developers are working on applications, localization of products and creation of products specifically for the Chinese market. In July of this year Edscha also founded joint ventures in Thailand and Korea. It now has a total of nine locations in Asia, including five in China and one each in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand. [b]About Edscha[/b] Founded in 1870, Edscha has developed into the world’s largest supplier of hinge systems. It is one of the leading European suppliers of driver controls (pedal boxes and parking brakes) and drives for fully automatic opening and closing of rear lids and liftgates. Under the umbrella of Spanish automotive supplier Gestamp, Edscha services virtually every automaker with its products and know-how from 21 world locations with some 4,450 employees. In the 2012 financial year it achieved sales of 683 million euros. [b]About Gestamp[/b] Gestamp is a leading global automotive supplier active in the design, development and manufacture of metal components and assemblies for sale to original equipment manufacturers. With revenues in 2012 of 5,757 million euros and approximately 30 thousand employees, Gestamp has an extensive global footprint of 96 production facilities in 19 countries across four continents. Gestamp has 12 R&D centers and employs 1,000 people in research and development whose leading innovations support its advancements in reducing vehicle weight/emissions as well as improvements in vehicle safety.