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Gestamp celebrates World EV Day at the forefront of electrification

Electrification is the biggest change in the automotive industry and Gestamp has been part of this revolution since the beginning


World EV Day is a global movement that drives change towards a world of "greener" vehicles, making a difference. A day of celebration of mobility and a day to reflect on how to make the transition towards sustainable transport easier, which serves as a natural amplification for consumers, companies and the socio-political environment.

The automobile industry is experiencing the most important change since its inception at the end of the 19th century. Electrification joins other trends of change aimed at making a more sustainable and low-emission society. Gestamp is a company that is proud to be an integral part of this vertiginous change since the very beginning.

Gestamp sees the electric vehicle as a great opportunity. The Company shares all its knowhow available to the customer, providing solutions that are lighter, safer, and more necessary than ever, and also adding state of the art new products. Gestamp's strategy continues to be always accompanying its clients to provide them with the best innovations for their vehicles, and in the case of EVs, to help these clients in their transition to the electric vehicle.

"Electric vehicles need more technological products to increase their autonomy and safety," says Gonzalo Galilea, director of the electric vehicle group. “Therefore, Gestamp's innovation in this field is key and gives us a competitive advantage. Thanks to our R&D departments, we are developing more technological products than ever before, such as Extreme Size Parts, Structural Battery Boxes, Aluminum Chassis and new motorized mechanisms.”


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