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About the situation in Ukraine


Gestamp regrets the tragic situation in Ukraine especially for people, but also the impact for businesses and countries worldwide. The company is receiving the information related to the conflict with consternation and Gestamp hopes for a prompt solution in order not to regret more irreparable consequences.

The company supports its Ukrainian employees who are working on production plants of the Group in other countries, taking into account the terrible personal situation they are facing. In parallel, Gestamp prioritizes the objective of looking after its employees’ in Russia, with whom the company is in constant communication.

Gestamp is present in Russia with four production plants and its sales represents only the 1.3% of the total revenues of the Group.

Gestamp plants in Russia are stopping production as its customers are suffering shortage of some components and ceasing their manufacturing activities.

The company is constantly monitoring the situation, and it will take quick and solid decisions and measures in case the evolution of the conflict in any country or its consequences, as the shortage of raw materials, requires it.