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Airbus and Ferrovial join Indesia, the Artificial Intelligence consortium for the Spanish industry

Airbus and Ferrovial join Gestamp, Repsol, Navantia, Técnicas Reunidas, Telefónica and Microsoft as members of IndesIA, the first Artificial Intelligence Consortium for the industri-al sector in Spain


With the incorporation of Airbus and Ferrovial, IndesIA advances in its objective of bringing the country's main industrial companies into the consortium and focusing on the development of cases of application of big data technology and artificial intelligence (AI) that solve the challenges of the industrial sector in a cross-sectoral way and that are applicable to the entire value chain of companies.

The consortium is the first to focus on promoting the data economy and artificial intelligence in the Span-ish industrial sector, a driving project that seeks to position Spain as a benchmark in the use of data and AI in the industrial sphere and to promote the development of a new economy that accelerates economic growth in the country.

IndesIA's objectives are to scale the use of data and AI throughout the entire value chain of the industrial sector. It will significantly improve its competitiveness, with actions such as the automation and optimiza-tion of industrial processes, as well as improving sustainability through energy efficiency, the develop-ment of new materials with a lower environmental impact and a commitment to the circular economy. 

To this end, the consortium is already working on various actions and plans to identify cases of use of big data and AI, boost employability and qualified profiles to attract and retain technological talent in Spain. In addition, the creation of a school of data and AI to train professionals in the sector, generate an expert ecosystem in AI research in the industrial sphere (start-ups, research centres, universities...) and reach agreements to facilitate access to cutting-edge technologies in everything related to big data and AI. 

Airbus is pioneering a sustainable aerospace industry for a secure and united world. The company con-stantly innovates to provide efficient and technologically advanced solutions in aerospace, defence and connectivity. Airbus joins IndesIA to address the major challenges of industrial transformation in Spain through collaboration between companies, the eco-system of startups, technology centers and universi-ties specializing in the research and development of AI solutions. 

Ferrovial is a leading company in the development and operation of sustainable infrastructures. It is at the forefront of the implementation of AI-based solutions for the management of its activities, from risk re-duction and maximizing opportunities in large projects to the automation and optimization of operations. By joining IndesIA as a development partner, Ferrovial is taking a further step towards boosting competi-tiveness and sustainability in the sector, while at the same time driving the generation of new platforms and digital talent through the use of data and AI.

Nuria Ávalos takes over the management of IndesIA to lead and promote the consortium, in addition to continuing to advance the various initiatives that are already underway. With extensive experience in sen-ior positions linked to innovation, transformation and digitization at Repsol, Ávalos is an expert in the crea-tion and leadership of technology consortia and multi-company projects in Spain, Europe and the United States, as well as in building the ecosystems and collaborative environments necessary for their man-agement and success. 

Accenture will participate in the consortium as a Value Delivery Office to drive the execution of IndesIA's initiatives through its experience and expertise in using big data and AI technology to transform industry. The consulting firm will act as a facilitator for the achievement of the consortium's objectives and will support the partners, both large companies and SME’s, in achieving and measuring the value of the ap-plication of these technologies.

With these additions, IndesIA accelerates its growth and consolidates its positioning, bringing to all com-panies in the country a value proposition that allows accelerating digitalization, access to platforms and data spaces necessary for the implementation of use cases and increasing the capabilities associated with existing digital profiles.