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Gestamp, beyond environmental compliance: commitment and responsible management

The environmental management carried out at Gestamp is comprehensive


In a context of constant challenges, not only for the automotive components industry, but for society in general, Gestamp faces this era of transformation with sustainability as a cornerstone of its business. It’s not an option, it’s part of its raison d'être: to help make mobility cleaner every day.

But what does it entail for an industrial company to work towards making road mobility increasingly sustainable? It means making it sustainable in its operations, throughout its value chain, and it all starts with responsible environmental management.

Ongoing environmental management, the key to continuous improvement and excellence
When we talk about environmental management, we consider all those impacts that help to have a more efficient and, therefore, responsible control of the use of natural resources, water management, raw materials or waste management, among others.

The environmental management carried out at Gestamp is comprehensive. In other words, Gestamp establishes environmental objectives at all stages of production through the application of environmental criteria: from the selection of suppliers and the optimization of raw materials, to the management of energy consumption required for the manufacture of components, waste management and the management of greenhouse gas emissions during the product use phase. 

In order to control and minimize the environmental impact of its activity, Gestamp has established its own Environmental Performance Index. This evaluates and reflects the environmental performance of the company's more than 100 production centers based on the highest standards in the 24 countries where Gestamp operates, with common criteria for all that are established based on experience, regardless of the legislation or the country in which each center is located.

Being an annual indicator with quarterly monitoring, the index not only measures factors that go beyond environmental certification and legal compliance (ISO 14001 and External Legal Audit), but it also takes into account the quality of the information, water, raw materials, waste, and energy management and all those good practices that are carried out in the production plants. In summary, it’s management based on continuous improvement and excellence, adapted to the local circumstances of each production center.

Gestamp's Environmental Performance Index is a tangible demonstration that care for the environment is at the heart of Gestamp. It integrates continuous improvement and aims for operational excellence, considering environmental management as a pillar to achieve it. Operational excellence translates into responsible production, a business that efficiently manages its resources. Because operational excellence, to be so, must be sustainable.