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Gestamp, at the V Hackathon for Smart Industry

Gestamp is committed to training in digital skills as a pillar for the digital transformation of the industry.


Last weekend, the Comillas ‘Cátedra de Industria Conectada’ (CIC) organized, together with Gestamp, a sponsoring company, the V Hackathon for Smart Industry, which for the first time had the participation of other universities. More than 50 participants, divided into 10 teams, worked to provide an innovative solution to the real challenge proposed by Gestamp.

Each team put their skills into practice and had the support of Gestamp’s professionals to resolve all their doubts. At the end of the established working time, they presented their solutions to the jury, which evaluated all the proposals, selecting those that met in a bet way the previously stated criteria: innovative, realistic, scalable ideas and within reasonable economic-financial criteria for the proposed project.

Mikel Fernández, Diego Mallada, Isabel Caviedes, Bruno Lameiro and Gonzalo Civeira, from Gestamp, together with Eduardo Rodríguez and Carlos Nieva, as independent experts, were the members of the jury and were in charge of announcing the winners at the end of the day:

  • The first place was for the team of 5 students from the IQS University, made up of: Marta Martínez, Albert Forés, Josep Font, Ricard Lado and Alexandre Martinello.
  • The second place was for the team of 5 students from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, made up of: Lucía Gómez, José Gil, Mariana Beatriz Lettieri, Lionel Güita and Daniel Ortega.
  • And the third place was for the team of 4 students from Loyola University, made up of: Cristina de Lemos, Francisco Flores, Juan José Soler and Jesús Gómez.

Training in digital skills, the present and the future of the industry
Gestamp believes in digitalization as a differential factor, as an indispensable lever for efficiency and operational excellence in the industry. For this reason, and because it has a direct impact on the market, the Group has been working for years, investing in training in digital skills hand in hand with the academic world, as is the case with this participation in the CIC Hackathon or both editions of the Smart Factory Expert Course.

Because the future in the industry is connected, flexible, intelligent and efficient. The future is digital.