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Matsusaka, Tianjin and West Midlands: 2018’s Gestamp openings worldwide


During 2018 Gestamp has opened three new plants located in Japan, China and England increasing its industrial footprint into 22 countries and opening the first industrial plant of a Spanish company in the Japanese country.

Gestamp’s industrial footprint increases to 22 countries

The auto parts manufactured in Matsusaka are intended for Japan's domestic car market. This new plant will improve Gestamp’s knowledge of the need of Japanese car manufacturers, to whom the company already provides service to in their plants in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

With Japan, Gestamp adds a new country to its industrial scope. With this new greenfield, the number of markets in which Gestamp is present increases to 22. Gestamp already has an active presence in the Japanese market through its R&D center in Tokyo, opened last year, and technical and commercial teams to support its Japanese clients.

The announcement of the new plant underpins Gestamp's vision to strengthen its strategic relationship with Japanese car manufacturers by adding their home market to its footprint.

Francisco J. Riberas, the Executive Chairman of Gestamp, summarized this milestone for the Group: “Gestamp’s strategy is always to accompany our customers and we are proud to be here in Japan, as this proximity will allow us to better serve Japanese OEMs in an efficient, innovative and competitive market.”

“Gestamp wants to be present in Japan to support and co-develop the car of the future with our Japanese customers, adding value through our state-of-the-art technology, specially via hot stamping to reduce weight and increase safety, also in their home market as we are already doing all over the world,” Riberas concluded.


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