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Gestamp Chongqing

Gestamp Chongqing
China Gestamp Metal Forming (Chongqing)

Jia Yun Road, No.121, Caijia Town, Beibei District 400707 Chongqing - China +86 23 6646 4517

Quality Policy 2019

ISO 14001 certificate

渝(碚)环准[2012]026 2012 EIA permit

渝(碚)环验[2015]032 2015 EIA acceptance

渝(碚)环准[2017]013号 2017 EIA permit

渝(碚)环准[2018]075号 2018 EIA permit

渝(碚)环验[2019]024 2019 EIA acceptance

环境应急预案备案登记表Environmental emergency plan registration form

海斯坦普重庆工厂环境信息公开Environmental information disclosure of Gestamp Chongqing plant

监测计划Monitoring plan

三期库房备案回执Receipt of the third phase warehouse record 201950010900000210

Hazardous waste management plan