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Skills and Knowledge Transfer

Gestamp Skills and Knowledge Transfer

Skills and Knowledge Transfer

At a geographically disperse company such as Gestamp, operational excellence is achieved through the sustainable transfer of its standardized skills and knowledge at a global scale. This is the reason why our skills’ programs need to take place through multiple learning channels; thus stimulating equal opportunities, functional and international mobility and continuous net learning.

Gestamp Technology Institute


Gestamp Technology Institute (GTI) is the Job Learning and Technology Research Center of Gestamp’s Corporate University. It is focused in technology innovation and its transfer to the business through the development of technological, functional and managerial skills.

It is open to all Gestamp employees and to all R&D departments, too. Today, it is an international benchmark for highly specialized industrial learning and for the development of global Talent within the automotive sector. Technical learning and management development programs hosted at GTI are lectured by international subject matter experts (both internal and external) in innovation, technologies, processes and products within the automotive sector.

GTI’s mission is to become Gestamp’s Knowledge Hub by:

  • Having a real impact in our business by boosting the knowledge in our key processes
  • Fostering multi-disciplinary teamwork, allowing sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • Encouraging network amongst Gestamp professionals globally
  • Bringing together pedagogical innovation and technical innovation

Experts and Business Partners


The Corporate University works closely with Gestamp’s subject matter experts to guarantees that it offers useful, updated and relevant content to our professionals. Both, subject matter experts and our business partners nurture the Corporate University with their business vision, their identification of future knowledge and skills’ needs and, also, provide their support for knowledge sharing at Gestamp.

By offering all its learning and development resources, Gestamp Corporate University acknowledges its commitment towards business and subject matter experts; it is on them innovation and development lie.