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#Gestamp, en colaboración con Telefónica y Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ha implantado en una de sus factorías un caso de uso de fábrica conectada con 5G para avanzar en la Industria 4.0 gracias a esta tecnología: https://www.gestamp.com/Medios/Prensa/Comunicados-de-prensa/2020/Telefonica-y-Gestamp-impulsan-la-digitalizacion-de-la-industria-con-un-caso-de-fabrica-conectada-5G


#GestampStories | Although the experience of a real meeting cannot be substituted, virtual fairs have become a window for car manufacturers and for those who want to discover the products and technologies of companies like #Gestamp, which has also found an ally in innovation in the field of virtual fairs. Do you want to know more about Gestamp's presence on virtual? https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2020/Gestamp-bets-on-virtual-fairs-to-be-close-to-its-customers


Do you know what hydroforming is? Thanks to this innovative technique we are able to produce complex parts with cavities that would be difficult - or imposible- in the case of standard stamping. Discover how it works on this video. 📹▶


🔎#GestampStories | In 2015 the United Nations aproved the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Today they turn 5 years, and for #Gestamp those are not a mere aspiration, but strategic objectives that are part of our raison d'être and that will allow our activity to have a long-term path. https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2020/The-keys-of-the-five-years-supporting-the-SDGs-at-Gestamp


Did you know that Body-In-White parts (BIW) form the structure that supports the vehicle and protects the driver and other passengers? #Gestamp has an extensive portfolio of bodywork products, which includes large parts and assemblies, such as bonnets, roofs, doors, wings and other surfaces and high-quality "Class A" assemblies. Discover them! #SaferAndLighter


The #GesMultistep technology allows making ultra-high-strength steels parts through a fast succession of consecutive stamping steps. During the process, parts pass through several pressing stations in quick succession and experience a rapid but gradual cooling. Discover how we do it! #GestampTechnologies https://www.gestamp.com/Que-Hacemos/Tecnologias#lg=0&slide=0


Son muchos los gestos de fortaleza que se han vivido en estos meses dentro de los equipos de #Gestamp. Muchas, las personas que han demostrado que es en las dificultades cuando damos lo mejor de nosotros mismos. En la siguiente #historiaGestamp se puede conocer de forma muy palpable ese espíritu Gestamp, que es nuestra mayor fortaleza: la historia de José Antonio Olangua, gerente de #GestampNavarra, quien ha luchado incansablemente contra el virus. https://www.gestamp.com/Medios/Historias-de-Gestamp/Historias/2020/Un-ejemplo-de-superacion-ante-el-COVID19


We said we would get through this. As a team. And we are doing it. Step by step, little by little. Because even though we are apart, we join together to continue being a powerful team with the drive we need to keep moving forward. #StayStrongGestamp #GestampTeam


We have launched the podcast program "#Gestamp in the face of COVID-19", a place where you can listen to information and advice from #Gestamp about the heath emergency we are facing.


Ante la situación en la que nos encontramos, desde #Gestamp hemos lanzado los podcast "Gestamp ante el COVID-19", un espacio en el que podrás escuchar información de la compañía frente a la emergencia.


En #Gestamp y #Edscha, apoyamos el #9M porque queremos formar parte de la solución al grave problema social de la violencia de género en México. Esperamos que nuestras colaboradoras sientan que estamos a su lado para ayudarlas en temas tan trascendentales como la violencia contra la mujer. Ellas son una parte esencial de nuestro talento y, como parte de nuestra familia, nos preocupa su bienestar físico y emocional. #NiUnaMenos #UnidosContraLaViolenciaDeGénero


#GestampStories | Did you know that #Gestamp displayed at the Auto Expo 2020 its Hot stamping solutions focused on producing safer and lighter cars? The company participated for the first time in one of the largest fairs in the automotive industry, and the most important one in India.