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Quality is in all the production processes of #Gestamp. With the #GQS we achieve quality requirements in the products and processes that exceed the minimum requirements of our customers. Thanks to this system we can develop technologies and products that make the vehicle safer and lighter. Do you want to know how it works? Take a look at the video!


Did you know that one of the main innovations that #Gestamp offers is the battery box for electric vehicles? The battery box meets the high safety standards on collisions and the specific regulations relating to crashes and emissions, as well as seal requirements. https://www.gestamp.com/What-we-do/Innovation


#Gestamp ofrecerá becas a las estudiantes del nuevo Máster en Ingeniería para Movilidad y Seguridad de Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. De esta forma, queremos promover una mayor presencia de mujeres en el sector industrial, especialmente en la automoción, así como ampliar la colaboración con esta universidad, con quien ya participamos en la Cátedra de Industria Conectada y en la organización del Master in International Industrial Project Management (MDIPI). #mujeryciencia #mujeryautomoción https://www.comillas.edu/postgrado/master-en-ingenieria-industrial-mii-y-master-en-ingenieria-para-la-movilidad-y-la-seguridad-m2s


Gestamp's history started more than 20 years ago and today we continue innovating for a #saferandlighter car. Today we have presence in 22 countries, but our path began in Spain and step by step we added production plants, offices and R&D centres worldwide. Let's look back to see how #Gestamp grew last year!


With a customer focus, #Gestamp develops innovative products from the first idea to the serial production. As an example, Xavier Valencia, from the R&D team, explains the Door Ring Product. Do you want to discover it?


Since Gestamp’s foundation in 1997, the company has been aware that people are the main asset for developing and growing our business. Do you want to know more about #Gestamp? https://www.gestamp.com/people


#Christmas is a moment to be with your loved ones. That's why at #Gestamp we keep working and innovating to get a safer car. Want to know more? Find out it in the following video! #GestampSafety #MerryChristmas #HappyHolidays #SaferAndLighter


Did you know that with Japan the number of markets in which #Gestamp is present increases to 22? In October Gestamp opened its first plant in that country. This new facility has cutting-edge hot stamping technology which is focused on producing #saferandlighter vehicles. Do you want to know how was the opening?


Since 1997 at #Gestamp we have been working with a clear objective, get a #saferandlighter car. During all this way we have continued growing and innovating day after day. We currently have presence in 22 countries, with more than 100 production plants and 13 R&D centres. Discover our way!


This week #Gestamp participated in the #IZB2018 to present #saferandlighter products, based on #innovative concepts for the future, lightweight applications and technological design for safety improvement. In Wolfsburg Gestamp gave an insight about its innovative concepts and solutions to achieve market trends and meet the new challenges of the automotive sector. https://www.gestamp.com/IZB2018.aspx


Do you know the difference between chassis and body in white? The first one builds the lower structure of the car body and BIW is the supporting frame - for this reason it is popularly known as "the skeleton and the skin" of the car-. #GestampProducts https://www.gestamp.com/what-we-do/products