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Cold Stamping

Cold stamping

Cold forming technologies include forming operations in different types of machines. Sub-categories of cold forming include roll forming and hydro-forming. Cold forming allows us to manufacture a range of parts from small reinforcement parts to a complete car body side.

Cold forming involves the transformation of a sheet of metal at room temperature inside a forming die under pressure. We operate various kinds of cold forming presses with different automation concepts with press forces ranging from 200 tons up to 2,500 tons. In order to achieve complex forms, parts must be pressed or stamped and cut in several steps, under different press technologies.

We operate presses in the upper range of forces of greater than 1,000 tons and consequently we are able to stamp high strength materials, which have a typical strength up to 1,000 MPa. Ultra high strength steels are an important part of weight reduction solutions for the car body structure and have a significant impact especially in the car chassis where material thickness and strengths are required.

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