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R & D

For us the R & D is a priority. We believe that innovation is a key factor for success through differentiating our products and services.

When designing and manufacturing our products, we work closely with automobile manufacturers from the early stages of development up to final production. Besides allowing us to meet their expectations in terms of current products, this collaboration makes it easier to jointly develop body related concepts and technologies for the future.

During the process of conception, design and production of a product, we focus on reducing weight and increasing passive safety, as well as on comfort, durability, recyclability at the end of its useful life and quality, which are manufacturers’ main demands today.

These demands entail an increasing use of high-strenght steels, and have made hot stamping a key technology for the industry.

With many years of experience and know-how with this manufacturing process, Gestamp is one of the pioneers in this manufacturing process. We have made significant investments over the past years aimed at developing and extending this technology around the world, enabling us to meet growing demand from automobile manufacturers for our products. We are the world's largest supplier of hot-stamping parts.